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...“Zèle”[zɛl], French, from Late Latin zēlus, from Ancient Greek ζῆλος (zêlos).
…English “Zeal”, strong passion, desire, confidence, ardour...
"So", English, extremely, very much, used to emphasize a state...
"SoZèle", the place where you can have fun and win prizes that make you feel, look, and be special. Where you can win luxury that gives you so much zeal and confidence, like a Hollywood star!

“Play to win...but enjoy the fun” David Ogilvy...That is our moto, that is SoZèle
Let yourself be transported to the sun kissed streets of Beverly Hills, dream of the iconic
palm trees on Sunset Boulevard when the sun goes down, then feel the lights and the buzzing nightlife of the Sunset Strip...dream and play, you will live an experience, maybe win a prize, hopefully both.

We believe everyone deserves luxury and owning designer things can't be just the apanage of being rich and famous. That is why we created SoZèle...to give everyone the chance to live the dream and win a luxury prize that gives them that extra pizzazz...

And because we can all have fun and play while making a positive impact on our communities, we commit to giving 20% of any profits to charities working in the areas of science and education.

Good luck!


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